One of the best places to start is by allowing yourself to relax.  When we are in the growth (or learning mode) we are thinking out  of our forebrain.  When we are stressed we are thinking out of our hindbrain. 

Research shows that when we think out of our hind brain we are dumber. 
See if this is you.  You start a test and do not know the first answer, then you see you do not know the second one either. Most likely not the third one too.  Panic sets in and you have to forcefully tell yourself to get a grip.  So you make yourself take some deep breaths and starts to relax a bit.  If is not you, ok, but that person went from forebrain to hind brain and then back to forebrain.

  For openers, here is a great deep relaxation audio. Using the latest recording techniques it addresses  accelerated learning at the same time.  A wonderful place to start your journey.

(To fully take advantage of this and other MP3's find a quiet spot, wear loose clothing and headsets if you have them.
Please do not listen to any of the audio files on this site while texting and driving, or texting or driving.)

Relaxation for learning