People today make $$$$ off of Plato and Aristotle and neither get a dime of it.  Plato in particular advanced the idea that man is born with all knowledge of the universe, past, present, and future.  Through the ages this knowledge was referred to with vague terms like ' the river of souls'.  It took  Carl Jung to give it a name that stuck,  . . .the "Collective Unconscious"  What's the big deal, you might say?  Well, get this.  97% of the information at our disposal today did not exist before 1963.  What have we gained with this explosion of research and information?  One area of relevance here is that of how the brain works and in particular, the workings of the unconscious mind.  Remember that great little book Illusions by Richard Bach?  He fittingly wrote, "learning is remembering what we already know."  Think about the possibilities of that one.  You already know it, now it is a matter of recalling it.

  Dave tells people he did not really understand Psychology until he was trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.(NLP)  These NLP people took the good from Psychology to a deeper understanding of the unconscious mind.  He says he did not know how to really use NLP until he was trained in Psych-K, the practice of balancing the hemispheres of our brains.  The bottom line is Psychology teaches that we have a conscious and an unconcious mind and we possess all knowledge of the universe, stored in the unconscious part,  NLP and Psych-K teach how to set aside the conscious mind  long enough to unlock that  'everything we see, hear, feel, taste and smell that is saved in the unconscious mind.'  Here is an instance of using NLP for speed reading.

Speed Reading
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