I am a nurturing person, drawn to the helping professions where I can assist others as they learn to live more meaningful lives. I love to talk with people about their feelings. I am careful to consider how others are effected by my decisions. Sometimes I'll even alter my plans to avoid a conflict or contention.
    I am deeply romantic and believe that true love can make life "happy every after." I use my heart and the way I feel about things in my decision making process. People are the most important things in my life so I find it very easy to make and keep many friends. Sending and receiving flowers, candles, poetry, thoughtful notes and the other symbols of love and friendships are very important.
    I look for the true meaning of life. I thrive in an environment that encourages people to seek opportunities to help each other become successful and where cooperation replaces the need to declare winners and losers. I'm not highly competitive. I enjoy being with people more than worrying about what we do when we are together.
    I am a skilled motivator, and consider myself an effective and gifted communicator. I am a friend to the end. Spiritual things have a great significance in my life. Sincerity is a quality I seek in myself and others.
Some words that describe me are: caring, humane, artistic, spiritual, subjective, sympathetic, insightful, compassionate, personal, peaceful, sincere, empathetic, romantic, poetic, sensitive, accepting, patient, giving, and true. 
    I am an independent thinker. Some people can even go so far as to call me a nonconformist. This title might worry other people, but it really describes the way I look at the world. I don't accept things on their face and find myself in a constant state of analysis as I try to understand and improve every part of my world.
   In my personal life, I feel the need to keep my head in charge of my heart. Relationships or friendships are important, but once they are developed and everyone understands what is expected, I feel it is important to leave things alone and focus my efforts on the other issues in my life. In truth, I am more comfortable working with data and information than people.
    Work has to be challenging, then I can become totally consumed with it's completion. When I have completed a project however, I prefer to move on to new challenges and leave the day to day tasks to others. I get hooked on ideas and concepts and can't seem to let go of them.
    I must respect a superior or fellow worker before I can begin to value their advice and/or authority. Decisions are often difficult for me to make because I have to be certain that I don't make a mistake. Issues are never black and white, but filled with a multiplicity of possible choices or outcomes.
Some words that describe me are: scientific, curious, complex, abstract, independent, ingenious, intellectual, inventive, fact-oriented, logical, cool, calm, collected, and theoretical.
    I am a highly organized person. I have great abilities to stick to detailed tasks and see them through. People come to me when they need a job done right because l am stable and dependable and they know I'll be able to fit their request into my already busy schedule. I am highly responsible, neat, and orderly. I put work before play or I can't fully enjoy myself.
    I have always believed that it is important to obey the rules and follow those who are in authority.  Structured situations and environments give me a great sense of well being and security. For this reason, I like to belong to organizations and groups that provide traditional reinforcement and support.
    I take most things seriously, this includes my traditional and conservative views of love, marriage, and family, I show my love for my friends and family by the security I provide and practical things I do for them. I am hard working, but I like things to be done my way. When people recognize and appreciate my efforts it makes them all worthwhile.
     It is very important to me to be on time and prepared. I am uncomfortable with change unless it fully explained and gradually implemented. I have a strong sense of right and wrong and can be motivated by feelings of guilt. I am extremely loyal and faithful.
Some words that describe me are: punctual, practical, sensible, organized, stable, thorough, dependable, conservative, detailed, hard-working, solid, orderly, consistent, structured, positive, and reliable.
     I am a person who thrives on excitement and physical challenges. I am talented and skillful and love to show others what I can do. I have an endless supply of energy to try new and exciting things. I'll often stick to a new challenge until I have physically mastered it. However, structured jobs easily bore me.
     I need independence and freedom to explore hunches and ideas. I seek for tools or means to make any job I have easier. I generally believe when completing a task that the ends justify the means. This makes it difficult to follow rules and procedures that tend to get in the way.
     The physical aspects of a relationship are important to me. I thrive on physical contact and competition. I love to surprise those I love with unexpected and extravagant gifts and activities. I need people that can be spontaneous and do things at the drop of a hat.
     I learn by doing. The best way to solve a problem is to meet it head on and beat it once and for all. I would rather figure something out myself than ask for help. You can usually find me right in the middle of the most exciting situation I can find. Life is a big gamble or party and I need to take my chances and enjoy it as much as I can.
     Some words that describe me are: bold, entrepreneur, generous, witty, trouble-shooter, spontaneous, enthusiastic, competitor, performer, optimistic, charming, courageous, independent, fearless, adaptable, easy-going, mechanical, persuasive, wild, fun, and crazy.
Colors Personality Test
Look at the four sets of images below and enter a number between 1 and 4 in the drop down box in each set.  Place a 4 in the set that is most like you, then a 3 in the one next most like you, then a 2 in the 3rd most like you  on down to placing a one in the one that is the least like you.
Score Sheet
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Survey (Total each letter)
Look at the four sets of words below and enter a number between 1 and 4 in the drop down box in each set.  Place a 4 in the set that is most like you, then a 3 in the one next most like you, then a 2 in the 3rd most like you  on down to placing a one in the one that is the least like you.

The following ten sentences have four possible endings. Select, in descending order from most like you to least like you, which endings are most appropriate for you. In the space provided beside each ending, write a No. 4 beside the one that is most like you, a No. 3 beside the one that is next most like you, a No. 2 beside the one that is next, and a No. 1 beside the one that is least like you. (4 is more)

1. When I have to make a decision, I like to:
_____ a. Make it quickly and get on to other things.
_____ b. Take my time, gather the facts and think it through logically.
_____ c. See how others feel about it, then choose what's best for everyone
_____ d. Consider what was done before and proceed carefully.

2. Friends can usually count on me to provide our relationship with:
_____ a. Energy and spontaneity.
_____ b. Objectivity and autonomy.
_____ c. Sensitivity and unconditional love.
_____ d. Security and dependability.

3. I thrive best in an environment that allows me:
_____ a. To be free to follow my hunches.
_____ b. To develop insightful and intelligent alternatives.
_____ c. To increase harmony and togetherness.
_____ d. To fulfill maintain order and stability.

4. In a crisis situation, the strength others depend on is my:
_____ a. Courage.
_____ b. Knowledge.
_____ c. Empathy.
_____ d. Perspective.

5. If someone really wants to show me they love me, they will:
_____ a. Surprise me with something unexpected.
_____ b. Understand when I need space to be myself.
_____ c. Spend time talking and listening to my feelings.
_____ d. Do the things I've asked them to do.

6. I constantly find myself thinking about:
_____ a. New things to do.
_____ b. Why things operate like they do and how they can be improved.
_____ c. How other people are feeling.
_____ d. How things should be organized.

7. In a social setting I can usually be found:
_____ a. Right in the middle of the action.
_____ b. Off in a corner quietly talking with one or two people.
_____ c. Making sure everyone feels accepted and happy.
_____ d. Doing whatever is needed to make things run smoothly.

8. The people who know me well would describe me as:
_____ a  Zealous and competitive.
_____ b. Reserved and scientific.
_____ c. Caring and sensitive.
_____ d. Stable and dedicated.

9. I’m not proud of it, but when I feel unjustly criticized I:
_____ a. Become defiant and rude.
_____ b. Withdraw or become sarcastic.
_____ c. Cry/pout and feel hurt for a long time.
_____ d. Worry and have feelings of self-pity.

10. Sometimes I tell people to leave me alone. What I really mean is.
_____ a. Don't go far. You hurt my feelings, but I'll get over it real soon.
_____ b. Really leave me alone and I'll work through it on my own.
_____ c. Don't leave me alone, help me work through it.
_____ d. Leave me alone for awhile and then come and apologize

When you have completed the Survey, go back and add up the numbers you assigned to each letter. Put the totals in the corresponding space provided below for each letter. To determine your total score for each color, add up the columns vertically and write your total score in the space provided.
(All scores should add up to 180)