What do the rankings mean?
Everyone's scores are going to be different. The closer
two scores are, them more blurred the distinctness of
those two positions will be. For example, if two of
your colors are only one or two points apart, you will
switch their rankings in certain situations.

Your First and Second Color
Your highest scored color is your primary mode of
operation. This is the color that you use most of the
time. If your first color doesn't work, you use your
second color.
Your Third Color
Your third color is the one you use the least. You tend
to consider these types of actions to be childish or
Your Last color
Your last color is your stress color. In times of
stress this is where you turn. This color is your
source of inner strength.

Your Strength is Authenticity
If your brightest color is blue, you seek to express
the inner you. Authenticity and honesty are valued
above all other characteristics. You are sensitive to
subtlety and - with great flair -you create roles in
life's drama. You enjoy close relationships with those
you love and. you possess a strong spirituality in your
nature. Making a difference in the world is easy for
you because you cultivate the potential in yourself and
in others.
You Esteem Yourself by Being Sincere and Sympathetic
People with blue in their character as their brightest
color are persons of peace and love. They are the
natural romantics in life, idealizing the perfect
moment and gestures of love. They are most satisfied
when nurturing the potential in others, bringing out
the best in them. They are facilitators of -human
potential. They are symbolized by the dove of peace,
the romantic ballad, the drama of life, and the
importance of a simple touch or handshake.
Your Keys to Personal Success
Authenticity as a standard
Seeking reality
Devotion to relationships
Cultivating potential in others
Assuming creative roles in life's drama
Writing and speaking with poetic flair
Having a life of significance
Sensitivity to subtlety
Making a difference in the world
Seeking harmony
Improve Personal Relationships with Bright Blues By
Making romantic gestures u having intimate talks
Recognizing their need to contribute
Providing the warm touch and embrace
Reassuring your loving commitment
Expressing your feelings
Being open and responsive
Improve Job Performance of a Bright Blue By
Creating a warm and personal working atmosphere
Interacting as possible with openness and
Establishing a harmonious working environment and
avoiding conflict and hostility'
Showing your support, caring, and appreciation by
offering a touch, a hug, or a hand-shake
Allowing them the freedom to express feelings and
the time to heal emotional wounds
Making use of their natural gifts for
communication, nurturing, and people-oriented
Praising their imaginative and creative approach
to the job
Providing them with one-on-one feedback
Your Strength is Duty
If your brightest color is gold, you value order and
cherish the traditions of home and family. You provide
for and support the structure of society. Steadfastness
and loyalty are your trademarks. Generous and parental
by nature, you show you care by making everyone do the
right thing. To disregard responsibility of any kind
never occurs to you.
You Esteem Yourself by Behaving Responsibly
Be prepared is the motto of those with gold as their
brightest color. They enjoy the status and security
that being prepared represents. They have an instinct
for keeping the product in production, for maintaining
the structure, and for supporting the rules. They have
a strong awareness of right and wrong, with respect for
the should and the should mots. They are symbolized by
the pillars of strength - the flag, the reservation of
honored institutions, and the purity of home and
Your Keys to Personal Success
The work ethic
A parental nature
A sense of history
-Dignity, culture
-Perpetuating heritage
A value of order
Home and family
Establishing and organizing institutions
Improve Personal Relationships with Bright Golds By
Caring about their need for security
Doing some reasonable planning
Praising their responsible actions
Remembering sentimental moments
Acknowledging their stability
Responding to important dates
Improve Job Performance of a Bright Gold By
Assigning work which requires detailed planning
and careful follow-through
Defining the tasks in clear and concrete terms
= Being punctual and reliable
Providing a well-structured, stable work
environment and by avoiding abrupt changes
Giving standard rules and regulations and setting
a good example
Sharing in the responsibilities and duties of the
work place and by taking the work ethic seriously
Praising their neatness, organizational
capabilities and efficiency
Giving feedback every step of the way on any
project to reassure them that they are on the
right track
Recognizing their need to be straightforward,
dependable, responsible, and business-minded
Giving tangible recognition for their work.
Your Strength is Knowledge
If your brightest color is green, you feel best about
yourself when you are solving problems and when your
ideas are recognized, especially when you feel
ingenious. You seek to express yourself through your
ability to be an expert in everything. Your idea of a
great day is to use your know-how like a laser to
create solution, in that you are a complex
individualist with great analytical ability. Although
you do not express your emotions openly, you do
experience deep feelings.
You Esteem Yourself by Utilizing Ingenuity
People with green as their brightest color have curious
minds. They explore every facet of a problem or an idea
to control the realities of life. They are global by
nature, always seeking universal truth. They acquire
skills and perfect any product or system on which they
choose to focus. They are symbolized by the abstract
thinker, the unknown challenge of outer space, the
complexity and simplicity in design, and the symmetry
of forms.
Your Keys to Personal Success
Developing models
Abstract thinking
Analytical processes
Exploring ideas
A variety of interests Striving for competency
Admiring intelligence
Storing wisdom and knowledge
Being a perfectionist
Abhorring redundancy
Utilizing precise language
Handling complexity
Improve Personal Relationships with Bright Greens By
Recognizing their need to independence
Valuing their abstract thinking
Helping them with day-to-day details
Preserving their privacy to think and to read
Accepting their lack of romantic gestures
Realizing their stress comes from the fear of
appearing foolish
Allowing them to be self-critical
Understanding that they esteem themselves by being
Praising with ingenuity
Improve Job Performance of a Bright Green By
Assigning projects which require analytical
thinking and problem solving
Discussing your "big picture' with them and by
eliciting-their universal outlook
Inspiring them with futuristic ideas and
Respecting their inclination to go beyond the
established rules of the system
Taking their ideas to the next step and
encouraging them to think independently
Praising their inventiveness and their ingenuity
Understanding their need to avoid redundancy and
srepetitiVe tasks
Recognizing and appreciating their competence in
the job
Your Strength is Skillfulness
If your brightest color is orange, you need freedom to
take immediate action. A zest for life and a desire to
test the limits best express your nature: You take
pride in being highly skilled in a variety of fields.
You are a master negotiator. Adventure is your middle
name. You prefer a hands-on approach to problem solving
and a direct line of reasoning creates the excitement
and immediate results that you admire.
You Esteem Yourself by Being Adventurous
People with orange as their brightest color see life as
one big party to enjoy. They live in the here and now
for who knows what tomorrow may bring? They are always
ready for a business deal or a deal of any sort, loving
competition and never missing an opportunity. Their
impulsiveness drives everything they do. They are
symbolized by the flight of the eagle, the sensation of
riding a motorcycle, the roaring of the rapids, and the
skillfulness of a virtuoso.
Your Keys to Personal Success
The impulse to really live
Testing the limits
The need for variation
Excitement and light-heartedness
Charged adventure
Being a natural entertainer
Spontaneous relationships
Being able to act in a crisis
A love of tolls
Charm, wit, and fun
Taking defeats only temporarily
Considering waiting as emotional death
Improve Personal Relationships with Bright Oranges By
Recognizing their need for freedom
Valuing their playfulness
Helping them to think before they act
Spontaneously playing with them
realizing their stress comes from lack of
Reinforcing their optimism
Praising their skills
Responding to their generosity
Improve Job Performance of a Bright Orange By
Assigning projects which are action-packed and
which require a hands-on approach
Providing opportunities to be skillful and
Using their natural abilities as a negotiator
Allowing them he freedom to do the job in their
own style and in non-traditional ways
Keeping a good sense of humor and avoiding boredom
while on the job
Providing opportunities for job competition
Allowing freedom of movement and understanding
their preference for action over words
Praising their performance and skillfulness while
on the job.
What To Look For When You’re Out of Esteem

There are certain symptoms, you can look for when you
are having a bad day. Chances are- you are either out
{or running out) of esteem. You can learn to recognize
these characteristics, which are generally related to
your particular color grouping.
Rudeness and defiance
Breaking the rules intentionally
Running away and dropping out
Use of stimulants
Acting out boisterously
Lying and cheating
Physical aggressiveness
Refusal to comply or cooperate
Extreme aloofness and withdrawal
Snobbish put-down remarks, and sarcasm
Refusal to communicate, the silent treatment
Perfectionism due to severe performance anxiety
Highly critical toward yourself and others
Attention-getting misbehavior
Lying to save face
Fantasy, day-dreaming, and spacing out
Crying and depression
Passive resistance
Yelling and screaming

Complaining and self-pity
Anxiety and worry
Depression and fatigue
Psychosomatic problems
Malicious judgments about yourself or others
Herd reaction exhibited in blind following the
Authoritarianism  and phobic reactions
Depression and fatigue
PsychosomaticPsychosorn2lic emblems
Malicious judgments about yourself or others