The two upcoming 10 minutes sessions are meant to be used while studying, reading non-fiction, or performing a light activity that can benefit from increased cognitive performance. (please, not  while driving a vehicle) The recordings included in this site increase your focus, memory and mental speed.  Throw in a little stress management for good measure.

To use these sessions, simply find a quiet place to study and/or listen to the session. You may want to set it to LOOP on your media player settings for a longer play time.

It is important that you adjust all settings (such as volume) until you are 100% comfortable with the session before starting.  Make sure your speaker  or headset is calibrated so that the right speaker plays the right channel.

You may want to drink a glass of water before each session. Entrainment increases blood flow and metabolism, which can make you thirsty mid-session.

These sessions are not as comprehensive or intense as the IQ, ADD or the longer self help and complimentary medicine recordings.  However, be assured they are fully functional and you still have the potential to feel the impact of this new technology on your study habits.  Enjoy.  dave
Binaural Beats